What our customers have to say about us.

“It’s nice to have this cluster of knowledge that they possess so that I don’t have to always think about who can I talk with about this issue or this one or this one? So, anything that relates to our product and the engineering and the manufacturing, I just call VAC and they consult us. It takes a lot of stress off my plate. And that’s very valuable.

They are crucial in the aspects of what to be cautious about. They once said – Maybe you should consider redesigning your PCB so that you will not need to use this component anymore because otherwise, you might be finding yourself in a scenario where you cannot get your products for like six months. Because the component of this is out of stock in the entire world – and that’s the scenario we’ve had. (…) That’s actually a change we have made so that we wouldn’t have these challenges that we otherwise would have had. That’s information that we couldn’t have attained ourselves.

Finally, constantly being updated about things. That’s a really big advantage of the partnership“.

Lucas Larsen, Co-founder


“Fast delivery and very good insight on PCB manufacturers”.

Sr. HW Engineer