PCB Procurement

Why should you source PCB with us?

Procurement of PCB

We are experts in PCB sourcing and can match you up with the perfect manufacturer for your specific project. This allows you to save time and money. We handle the procurement and manufacturing projects, allowing you to focus your attention on your core business. Should problems arise, we are on standby to handle the dispute and find a solution.

We offer you our expertise in the following situations:

  • If you need low to mid-tech PCBs, for prototypes or a medium-sized project, we can find a solution that fits your requirements.
  • If you need high-tech PCBs for prototypes and medium to large projects, we can find a solution that fits your requirements.
  • But most of all, if you need experts with a strong connection to the PCB industry, who can handle every kind of PCB technology and every type of PCB. From HDI, extra line/space, copper coins, ELIC, Fine pitch BGA, Back drilling, etc. to Flex, Rigid and Rigid-flex boards.
  • No matter the complexity or type – we can get it manufactured!

Quantity, price, lead time, and technology used will differentiate the final choice of the right PCB manufacturer. No PCB factory is identical to another. We know which is the right one for your project.

Have PCB procurement handled by us.

Success Stories


“Fast delivery and very good insight on PCB manufacturers”.

- Sr. HW Engineer